Past and Present…

So ‘While the boys are away…’ was a fabulous success! We had lots of lovely visitors over the week we were exhibiting, and a hugely successful Private View on Tuesday. All of the girl’s work looked amazing, I am so proud of them all. I will have some pictures to post soon, but i the mean time to look at some pics, see Shane’s blog; he was a darling and took pics for me on the Private view. Thank you to him! Also a big thanks to my good friend Dom, whose night he puts on HONKY TONK kept the celebratory mood going, after the private view, playing female only music! yes!
Anyway, the main stars of the week were Calico, Esther, Holly, Gabi, Katie, Lucy, Emma and Laurie. This is not the last you’ve seen of ‘While the Boys are away…’

I displayed the original artwork for a little book I made on Drag Queens, called ‘De-wigged’. I sold them for £7 on the stall, let me know if you’d like one!

Here’s a taster of some of the pages…

That was mama ruin. She likes gin! The drag Queens themselves are drawn in pencil, and their names are hand-painted in water colour.

I’ve also received some stuff back from Dom, that I’d done for little exhibitions a few weeks ago.
First was the record sleeve I designed for a one evening only exhibition, where he asked thirteen of us to design a recod sleeves, featuring oursleves on them, in a genre of our choice. Heres my Supremes inspired response done in pencil and coloured pencil, with some pen thrown in…

The other, is for an exhibition organised again by Dom (he’s a busy little bee! have a look at his stuff) and my dear friend Jasper. We had 24 hours and this piece of paper with a hole in it. I did a plug hole, I’m quite happy with it considering the time limit…

Anyway. I m busy making work for a book that will be published of storys for young people, writte by MA students at my university. Today I’ve been continuing my quest to improve at hand drawn type, by animating a short series of words as part of an animation for Eat Big Fish. So lots more to come.

Thanks again to everyone who came to the exhibish!! x


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