New Beginnings…

And so begins, the beginning of a new exciting chapter- the video. This week has seen me and my friend and video cohort Shane Wilson snipping, chopping, folding and glueing to make fun and fabulous props for our new video. The vid mixes fashion, illustration, graphics and prop design, and film. We are currently in the process of making props/costumes to feature alongside clothing and other things in the video. It has tested me already, as its kind of out of my comfort zone, and I’m findng it harder to get my ideas out, than I do putting pen to paper. But pushing forward is getting me on the right track, and Its culminated in some things I’m actually happy with. I made my first ever pom pom last week, and have become a true conosieur (I made a super rainbow one-picture soon…) and plan to make a headpiece with loads of them. I made a body piece that looks kind of like armour (not pictured, as it currently dwells at Shane’s) Also below is a rainbow shoulder piece. Shane’s got more pictures on his blog Soon we will set up a specific collabrative blog, where we can track the process of the video.
More to come=cellophane, vacuum formed plastic, lace, fabric and more…

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