Introducing Beige Banquet

Introducing Beige Banquet from Shane Wilson on Vimeo.

After months of madness, Shane and I have finished our video, entitled ‘Introducing Beige Banquet’. It is with sadness (that its over) and pride that I introduce this labour of love and insanity. We have spent a lot of time on it, and entered into the project with massive naivety and plans of extreme unachievable grandeur. So many of our plans and ideas were too far fetched to be included, this in a way is a great thing, as it leaves piles of material (literal and metaphorical) to be used on many more future beige Banquet projects. My tutor uttered the words ‘You’ve lost your minds’ after the first 30 seconds, the other day, but I reckon their just at the bottom of the box. Thankyou to Matthew Hayes for making the music, and Becky, Lloyd, Dani for being in it, and Ruaidhri for not murdereing Shane and I. So make a beige tea (two sugars obv!) watch, enjoy, keep your peepers on the blog, and stay beige. xx


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