One week left…

So. I have one week ( and three days) until I hand in my degree work for final assessment. da da DAAA. This week I have pretty much been living in the studios, and yesterday finished my three drawings that are my final project, which will be what I display for my degree show. I have shown the preliminary work for it, and thats as much as I’ll show on here. Got to give some incentive to come! In the mean time, heres the other work I have been doing- my dossier. This week has been quite the week for printing, as I got my book on lady gaga’s monster ball back from the printers (below)

I also got a book made documenting all of the exhibitions I’ve been involved with this year (below…)

The dossier requires three tasks, the gaga book is one, and I made the others with this jacket (made of felt and card) and vintage underwear ( crad with illustration) pieces, which will be displayed in a vintage mini wardrobe…

Heres the wardrobe…It was made by my grandad in the 60’s for my mum and auntie. Then when I was young he gave it a refurb for me. It is really beautiful, but was in need of it’s third generation refurbishment. I thought it would be perfect for displaying my dossier in, as the aim of the project is to show your interests and plans for the future. My plans to work in vintage fashion and beige banquet costume design are reflected by this object. Here are the stages of my revamp…

The final piece will feature the hanging pieces in the main part of the wardrobe, books, business cards and ephemera in the draws. Its well on the way to being finished. Its been so nice doing it, knowing my grandad made it with wood and materials he had to spare nearly 50 years ago. You may spot some business cards in the left draw in the photo above. They came today, I reacted to this rather adult feeling parcel by this rather childish picture. I’m pretty happy with them.

The feeling in the studios is getting pretty hysterical. Things that have brought me down to earth (to an extent) this week have been Catherine’s latest pictures of Danny. The Elizabeth 1st picture is particularly RAD, the new crystal castles album, and old video, but still excellent.

Wish me luck for my next week, when I’ll be sorting out my portfolio, and finishing dossier. I’m off to find my mind.


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