Last night I went to sample my good friend’s Fifi and Lola’s delicious cupcake’s at the Tatty Devine store on Brick Lane. They were launching their wall with Supermarket Sarah, which you can read all about here. Clearly I am not a proffesh blogger, as I was more intent on sipping vitamin water and vodka than taking any snaps. dear me. Along with supermarket Sarah and the Tatty Devine girls was Fred Butler and the Jiggery Pokery Girls, Anna and Lauren. It was great to see them, as I helped them out for a day last week, for a courvoisier event that opened this week. FUN.

Although I didn’t get any pics I did however manage to see some truly gorgeous Tatty Devine pieces. This classic horse and carriage necklace has always been on my wish list.

The most beautiful thing was this necklace that was originally paper cut by artist Rob Ryan. Its so gorgeous. In other news, I am starting an exciting new internship on Monday, in the Alexander Mcqueen Menswear studio. I’m scared and excited, and will keep you posted every step of the way. Graduation is next weekend, and Shane and I won tickets to see Goldfrapp and Marina and the Diamonds on Thursday. All of these things I hope will lead to a fun filled week for Beige. Stay tuned.


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