Drawing for Fashion Pt.2

On my day off last Friday, I took a lovely wintery trip along the river to the Design Museum to see ‘Drawing Fashion’ an exhibition that displays some really amazing fashion illustration, from the beginning of the century to modern day. Any regular readers of this blog will know this was literally my perfect exhibition, and actually was the subject on which I wrote my dissertation on in my final year at uni. Its really nicely curated, and the images have so much more life in person. There were loads of paintings and prints by Rene Gruau; who is one of my favourite illustrators, and seeing them in real life was just brilliant…

1930’s Balmain advert                                                                                 and Dior…

I loved this drawing by Rene Bouche so much I bought the postcard…

I also discovered a new love for the work of Antonio Lopez; an illustrator who’s colourful 80’s drawings made me wonder why I’d never heard the name before. The range of his work that was on display was really inspiring, as it totally adapted as time went by, and illustration was taking a backseat to photography.

This one reminds me of the apartment in three men and a baby. If anybody has that reference to hand.

And the above image was one of my favourite images of the whole exhibition. I love the colour (which isn’t really done justice on screen) and the playfulness and humour of the image.

If you have a spare afternoon, pop along and see the exhibition, its on till the 6th March 2011. I reckon I’ll be making another trip before March. x



3 thoughts on “Drawing for Fashion Pt.2

  1. Hi, I went and saw that same exhibition just today. It was amazing seeing all the different stylized drawings and I even managed to attempt to sketch some myself. One of the ones I sketched was a watercolour by Antonio Lopez, the information given was Jane Thorvaldson, Fashion by Charles James, Vanity Italy, 1982. It was a picture of a whole lot of women, most with their backs turned in gowns of different colours, on the left of a picture which was similar but had more pastel colours and more wrinkles in the dresses. It was one of my favourite pictures in the whole gallery and I can’t find it on google anywhere to show to my family! Do you know where I can find it?

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