I’ve been framed

I have recently been redecorating my bedroom. Nothin’ drastic, just decided to stop being a fourteen year old. Probably the most fun part of this endeavour is finding fun frames and framed images for my walls. I want em covered in frames!

I’ve always had pictures all over my walls, and have been hitting charity shops to find some beaut frames to put them in. In this search I found probably one of THE BEST non clothing charity shop finds on Saturday. This picture of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, professionally framed, and a beautiful black and white print. I love that Charles is in a velvet dinner jacket, and Diana looks so so beautiful. I think I am going to draw it, but in the mean time its going on my wall.

I have two cross stitch beauties decorating my new boudoir too.  One by my grandma circa 1995 giving away my age pretty well…

And one by beloved Shane Wilson circa 2010. Single handedly bringin’ cross-stitch back to life…

WOAH. he just text me as I wrote his name. freaaaaky. x


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