Press Play

Despite me poporting to be an illustrator it seems all I’m posting are videos, but I’m trying to only keep it to good ones!

First up I’m sharing the work of one of my bffs Sean Frank We met at Alexander McQueen in September, and haven’t really stopped sqwarking at each other ever since. After I left he managed to fight of his grief at my absence and make his skills known within the amazing company; making this behind the scenes video. I think has a very painterly feel to it, and shows his graphic/illustration background. Check out his site, its only gonna get better.

In other news episode 10 of the is live, and this week its all about beauty. I got my sexxy nails done and met some super fun people, including Amy Sachon, a great character and real driven woman. Check out her site (links in the video) for make up tips that have substance.

As always please ‘like’ the facebook page for more fun, fashion and frolics. OVER AND OUT.


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