♡ BP Portraits NPG ♡

I went to see the BP Portait award exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery with Shane and Catherine the other day. Its honestly sooooo gooooood. I think they were getting sick of me starring at every entry for ages… haha, heres the rundown>>


‘Distracted’ Wim Heldens. This hottie was the winner. The photo doesn’t do it justice. A worthy winner.

2nd Prize…

‘Holly’ by Louis Smith with help from Carmel said. So breathtaking, this is over three an a half metres tall. Ba-na-nas.

Three is the magic number

‘Just to feel normal’ Ian Cumberland Came third. So beautiful in real life. Raw, and painful.

Some other faves included ‘Latoya’ by Alan Coullson, the vivid colours are soooooo mayj.

‘My son Benjamin, Lord of the rings’ by Istvan Nyari. This painting was done by this guys father after taking a photo of him after a heavy Saturday night out. Then he made this AMAZING ring to make a focal point for the composition. It was probably my favourite.

Such a good collection, and FREE! Go and see it, I’m gonna try and enter next year. Its made me want to delve into oil painting all over again. ♡


2 thoughts on “♡ BP Portraits NPG ♡

  1. My name is Istvan Nyari I painted ‘My son Benjamin, Lord of the rings’

    and I am a male artist!!!!!!

    I took the photo of my son and I made the ring too.

    Isvan Nyari

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