I was recently asked by my old pal Jack to be involved in his new magazine project called ‘nausea’. Jack is a talented lad, and he’s doing swell stuff with his music so I was super happy to be involved in a new creative project with him.

The new creative journal aims to showcase new artists and writers, with an acerbic and intelligent voice, focussing on a certain theme. The first theme will be anxiety. This really interested me, as it’s something I suffer with personally, and find making work one of the ways I can fully check out from those feelings when they’re in full grip. Combining the two themes was a super interesting experience. I’m looking forward to seeing the other submissions Jack and Georgia receive.


Above is a preliminary pencil drawing for my submission, to give you a taster of what I came up with. The magazine will be available soon.

Make sure you ‘like’ Nausea’s facebook page and keep an eye out for what’s next from these cool cats.



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